Multiple Cities #5: An Open Call for Contributors | Summer

Multiple Cities #5: An Open Call for Contributors | Summer

Contribute to the fifth issue of Multiple Cities!

This is an open call for insightful thoughts, ideas, and experiences from cities and communities around the world this season. 

We’re back again with an open call for content to include in our ‘Summer’ issue! Like you, we’ve been planning vacations, creating itineraries for new cities, and dreaming up outdoor events we’ll be attending in our cities and neighborhoods when the weather is warmer. We invite you to share with us your experiences, thoughts, and opinions on everything that’s happening locally and internationally as the temperatures get warmer (or colder and wetter, if you’re in the Southern hemisphere!). We are looking for everything from popular summer programs and activities for youth in your communities to solving for transit failures during this peak commute season, the importance of building social capital in public housing campuses to battle heat waves and harsh winters, and recognizing and supporting small businesses that weather seasonal tourism economies. If there are other key issues facing your cities this season, write to us and share your idea for an article, photography piece, or even podcast!

Send us your early ideas here by May 28, 2019 and we’ll be in touch to work through details in the following weeks. Please also feel free to reach out directly to us to bounce off your ideas or get us in touch with someone else in your local community! In this open call, we are looking for all types of contributions including ideas for written articles, maps, art/illustration, photography, or videography.

Thank you again for all your support thus far and remember to follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter for updates. Keep writing to us with more suggestions and friend references - we love when you keep in touch


2017 was the third hottest year on record, and urban places suffered the most. Are there newer, better ways to manage the urban heat island? Find out what can happen when we coat our streets white in this video by Business Insider. 


As city dwellers head to the beach this summer, sea towns are gearing up for another strong economic season. Find out what else tourism experts are predicting for the 2019 summer economy on the Mid-Atlantic coast in this recap from the 11th Annual Jersey Shorecast event, sponsored by the Lloyd D. Levinson Institute of Gaming, Hospitality and Tourism.


Thinking of experiencing the great outdoors this summer? Perhaps, a cross-country bike trek? The Rails-to-Trails Conservancy recently revealed an entirely car-free way to get across the country. The Great American Rail Trail will connect Washington, D.C. to Seattle, WA. Find out more in this article on CityLab.


RE-CAP: In the last issue, we explored the importance of diversity in our public spaces, sustainability plans, communities, and professions. Diversity has long been understood to be a “lens” that is put on when approaching planning. However, today diversity has become a more integrated and foundational principle guiding planners' work. BlackSpace, a collective of over two dozen diverse professionals with experience in urban planning, architecture, real estate development, urban design, and the arts, recently released their manifesto and are continuing to build the BlackSpace community from NYC, to Oklahoma, to Oakland, CA. Read their full manifesto here for the BlackSpace commitment to nurture and support Black people in fields of influence that shape our social and spatial environments while also working to support heritage conservation in Black and marginalized communities. Thanks to all our contributors from the issue on Diversity--you can read all their pieces at

P/S This issue we are also looking for additional hands to provide editorial support. If you'd like to contribute your time by being an editor, please write to us and send us a work sample!

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